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These are like the other coverings, but without decorative stitchings, lace or ruffles.


If you are like me you do price comparison, and try to be a frugal shopper, so please consider the following when looking at the veils.

The lined veils do take a lot more time to make, not to mention nearly twice as much material as the unlined ones.
Some of the unlined ones are harder to hem due to the cut.
Some materials are nearly twice as expensive as another material, and some harder to work with.
In lined veils every inch of length added it is twice as many inches of material added.

According to the cut, semi triangle, triangle, oval, D, or semi D, circle, it takes different amounts of fabric compared to another one of the same length.

Beloved Naomi - With picture

The Chasity - With picture

The Deep D

Esther With picture

The Swan

Ruth - With picture

For custom made coverings rush order add $7.50

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