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How It All Got Started
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Father I need work, but I can't...

I had being given the idea when praying about a home job due to health problems, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, that made it hard to working out of the home. This was back in 1998, only it took me a bit to get my 'getti up go' going. I had not seen any patterns or coverings anyone else had made. In my spirit I saw coverings and how to cut them, so I sketched what I had seen. I thought, "Oh no, I do not like sewing, and here I am to have a business with sewing headcoverings!"

Trying to make what I saw was a different matter.

A dear friend that wore coverings and I knew what we wanted in a covering. I started out making the patterns out plastic bags garbage bags pinning them with straight pins, trying them on, re-doing them and trying again. I felt like a pin cusion from all the sticks I got, and a few times I could have given transfusions from the finger sticks. I played with lace to see how it would fall pretty, and how to secure it, cut veils from old bed sheets, I folded pleated, cut, re-did things to the wee hours of the morning, and even dreamed about how to make coverings.

Pin pricks, blood and tears!

I was determined to make my own patterns, but I was in tears and almost gave up because I just couldn't seem to get right. I looked like the Flying Nun or a baker the way they fit. Making it where it was made to be stylish, not fall off the back, and be comfortable seemed impossible. It seemed like in my sleep I was making headcoverings. Finally when I was half asleep I was shown my mistakes, and it worked when I did what I saw! I sent my first coverings off and held my breath to hear how she liked them. She loved them and they fit great!

How many ways?

There are only so many ways to make a covering with a tie, or no tie, pull it up, pin it in various ways or make dusting or sleep caps. A few months ago I saw some coverings on a webpage, and a lot of them looked like ones that I was shown in my mind how to make many many months before. So they were not copied from anyone even though they may look like some other ladies make. As I said, "How many ways can you make one and it not be like one someone else also made present or past?"

Final product

I did ask about patterns later and was I couldn't use them excpet for myself. I was having a problem in attaching the band, and I wanted to see how they were doing it so I did order a pattern for that purpose only. When I got it a about three weeks ago I laid one of my patterns over it, except for about 1/4 of it it laid exactly on the same lines, and the band was just wider but the same cut as that one did by trying it on and recutting until it fit. When I had cut my pattern it was by trying it on, sewing and cutting to get the right fall and fit right sight unseen of other patterns. I looked at the directions on how to attach the band to the veil, and the instructions were so complicated I never could gave up, even my husband shook his head at how complicated they were. I had already solved the band problem in trial and error, so I am still attaching the band to the veil the way I was doing it my very workable way that turns out very nicely.


Thanks to my dearest heart friend for helping me figure things out, and family that kept encouraging me, listened to my woe is me's, and kept telling me you can do it, don't give up.