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Head covering, Head Covering article, E-mail list.
Veils and coverings for the lady that believes in 1 Cor 11:5

These are real photo's so they will take time to load.

"The Rose" length in picture $6.50
"Hannah Rose" is longer covering about 20 inches $ $10.00

White polyester.
Light weight. Decorative stitching on edge.
Close with clips, or hair pin behind ears. Front loop for pinning to hair.
This material is more expensive and I have to go about 40 miles to restock.
Write to: Hannah Rose <theramblingrose (@ ) gmail ( .)com> if you wish to order.


I still have some material for the Covering pictured above. A piece of pink for a Pilgrams / Mop cap. I also have some of the heavier material for a white cap/caul.
I have just gotten tired of making coverings, as well as it is so hard to find the materials. Cost to get the materials, go get it, trips to the PO to mail them considering the gas cost, would make the coverings cost more than I felt they truly are worth. I do still have some material left, and would consider making a covering if I have the material on hand.

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Study from 1 Cor. 11:5 on head covering.

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I got the name "Rambling Rose" because of how I rambled when I wrote. I wrote things down so much, which I called my "Jottem' Downs", and love talking, that my son encouraged me to start a web page an d my son this blog. I love remembering my adventures in life so far, and writing about them. They range from funny, serious, a tear to the cheek because it it touching, smile on the lips, to praise. I am over the hill, but find that it looks great on this side!


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These head covering list is for all Christian/ Jewish ladies. You do not have to cover. It is for the whole woman, and her life. From fun to serious.

Hannahs Headcoveings - E-mail list
Ladies of all Christian Faiths.

7th day-headcovering-sisters
Sisters of all faiths who believe in the 7th day Sabbath of Genesis 2:1-3, Fri sun down - Sat sundown.

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