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Regular size

This caul styled covering is great. ladies who like the Mennonite or Amish caps like these. They stay on very well.

Sits on the back of the head behind the ears and fits over pinned up hair.

Regular size is shown in picture. Stiff washable material that holds the shape well!
About 3 - 4 inches deep cup, about 12 inches across top edge to edge. Standard band is about 21 1/2 inches.

Larger size 13 inches across top from edge of band to edge of band with 23 inch band.
This covering on a small head will cover the ears. If you have a larger head or a lot of hair it is best. It stays on really well. This one cost more.

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© 2000 Simple Caul by Mary Bierman AKA Hannah Rose Coverings Etc.